Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThinkComposer?

ThinkComposer is an adaptable visual tool to express perspectives, problems, solutions and knowledge of a particular world, field or business.

Which relevant features does it have?

  • Creation of Compositions (documents based on diagrams and detailed information),
    which can contain rich elements, called Ideas: Concepts (symbols) and Relationships (connectors between Ideas).
  • Each Idea can have:
     - Composite content: A whole diagram can be contained in it, therefore making a multilevel document.
     - Multiple Details: Links, Attachments (text, images, files) and Tables (grids, custom-fields).
     - Markers, documentation and versioning.
  • Also, they can include Complements: Stamps, regions (boundaries), notes, free text, callouts, legends and information cards.

What differentiates it from other Concept/Mind Mapping or Diagram based tools?

  • The diagrams/maps are no limited to be only symbols and connectors with text and a few decorators. They are multilevel composable and with rich content.
  • Relationships can have multiple origins and targets, and each connector can represent different varitations about what it represents.
  • The nodes can express the semantics (meaningful, valuable, detailed and versioned content) about a business/field domain.
  • Users can create and extend custom/specialized busines domains (set of Concepts and Relationships types, plus tables, markers, detailed information and constraints).
  • Also, comprehensive reports can be generated with descriptive/semantic information about Compositions and their base Domain.

How much does ThinkComposer cost?

It is free!

How is ThinkComposer licensed?

It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.
Which roughly means that you can use, share and change the software as long as you also provide a free copy of it and your extensions, along with the same license.