Instrumind Software founder

Hi! I am Néstor Sánchez, creator of ThinkComposer and founder of the Instrumind Software startup, I live and work in Santiago, Chile. For almost 20 years I have been developing systems in industries such as banking, financial, human resources and IT consultancy. Currently, my efforts are oriented to improve and streamline our way of work, by the means of graphics based software.

Since my days as student, I understand the value of a good visual model, diagram or image, because they have helped me, and many coworkers, in the most diverse and difficult projects.

After using a lot of tools, from the very simplistic and flat, to the very specialized and rigid, I decided to create ThinkComposer, as a general purpose product to fill in the gaps I found, considering: Multilevel diagrams with rich-content, detailed and structured information, plus adaptability to particular business or fields of knowledge.

I really hope you succeed in using ThinkComposer!

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