Consider the next examples, of the currently available Domains...

Maybe your very particular Business Area, Field of Knowledge or Way to See the World is not provided?
Then, create your own specialize Domain definition, reuse and share it!

Business / Productivity

Detailed Diagram

Design / Solutions

Solution Diagram

Studies / Knowledge

Knowledge Map

ATM Processing
(Flowchart Domain)


Banking Products & Customers
(Class Diagram Domain)

Class Diagram

Simplified Universe
(Custom Concept Mapping Domain)

Custom Concept Mapping

Restaurant Requirements
(Use Case Diagram Domain)

Use Case Diagram

Purchase Order Placement
(Sequence Diagram Domain)

Sequence Diagram

Inventions Path
(Custom Timeline Domain)

Custom Concept Mapping

Production Process
(All-Purpose Domain)

General Purpose Modeling

Simple Databases
(Data-Model Domain)

Data Modeling

Description of the ThinkComposer product
(Concept Mapping Domain)

Concept Mapping

Military Chain of Command
(Organizational Chart Domain)

Organization Chart

Favorite movies by decade
(Timeline Domain)

Time Line

Sci-Fi Universes and Media
(Mind Mapping Domain)

Mind Mapping

Model of a Company
(Business Model Domain)

Business Modeling

Tasty Hamburger Meal
(Custom Domain: Fast-Food Cuisine)

Custom Domain Model

British Monarchy
(Genealogy Tree Domain)

Genealogy Tree