Comprehensive Concept Mapping Software beyond the graphics!

Concept Map example

Create professional Concept Maps to document your studies and insights in a clear, expressive and precise way. Make them as simple or detailed as you want, including rich-content attachments, links and structured information.

Concept Maps can be much more than just bare images embedded into your text-docs and presentations. Using ThinkComposer, your improved Concept Maps can be the complete, adaptable and reusable basis to do problem analysis, solutions design and knowledge representation.

ThinkComposer is free software!


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  • Open-Source It's OPEN-SOURCE:
    Since February-2015 ThinkComposer is free of charge,
    and you can modify or extend it as needed!
  • Windows software Runs in Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP (SP3):
    Takes full advantage of your PC, using the .NET Framework 4.0 and WPF.
  • Shareware Plus...
    Predefined templates, custom file/code generation and version updates.

Make better Concept Maps by taking advantage of these features...

Generate complete Reports from your Concept Maps

Export the rich information of your Concept Maps as PDF/ XPS documents.
Plus, generate HTML Reports which can be easily published in your website!

Diagram Report

Create composite Concept Maps

Each Concept Map symbol or connector can have a whole new Concept Map within it.
So, they can span multiple nested levels and be referenced with shortcuts.

Multilevel Diagram

Visualize basic and extended information

Objects can include title+subtitle, pictogram, markers, plus hanging details.
Example of a food product visually represented, plus a couple of simple details:

Rich Content Diagram

Show/hide and format the relevant details

Objects can be further detailed with attachments, links and tables.
Example of a beverage visually described, including precise details in a table:

Detailed Diagram

Everybody can work smarter using ThinkComposer!