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SOURCE CODE: Go to the ThinkComposer project site at GitHub and get the latest source code release.

System Requirements:

Component Specification
Processor X86-compatible at 2.2 GHz or more
Memory 2GB of RAM or more
Disk Space 500MB free, at least
Video Card VGA-compatible at 1024x768 pixels, at least; 1600x1200 pixels or more is recommended
Operating System Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP(SP3), others compatible with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (full) must be preinstalled.

The changes of the most recent versions are...

(See all the changes in the "Readme.txt" file)

Installer is alerted as untrusted software by web Browsers and Windows.

# 1.5.1606
- Fixed: Send to Back command not working in first layer over background.

# 1.5.1605
- Fixed: Crash when creating, sending upwards or sending backwards a symbol in some compositions.

# 1.5.1604
- Fixed: Name of a global Detail designator is no longer changed when editing an empty link after trying to access it.
- Fixed: Views can be exported as image in PDF format again.
- Fixed: Application crashes when Finding text (the problem is detected and crash prevented).

# 1.5.1502
- PDF generation is now based on an open-source library (PDFsharp) instead of a commercial product.
- Fixed: Link descriptor are lost for new links after copy+paste.

# 1.5.1230
- New: Default grid size now can be specified in Domain properties.
- New: While creating new Concepts, by dropping their Definition from the Concepts palette, press [Ctrl-Left] to open the properties editor instead of just edit the name/title over the symbol.
- Changed: Markers palette display order is changed to show User-Defined Markers on top.
- Fixed: Change to Symbol Format properties 'Flip Horizontal/Vertical' does not propagate instantly.
- Fixed: Crash when trying to attach notes to Ideas.

(last 3 updates shown. See the "Readme.txt" file for the complete list)